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Kitchens need to be a place of hygiene, which tiles can certainly offer. With their ‘fresh’ appearance (particularly gloss finished tiles) and ‘easy wipe’ surfaces, hygiene is one of the first things that come to mind when using tiles in the kitchen

Secondly, tiles can add significant value to your home when compared to decorating with wallpaper, carpets, vinyl, etc. Therefore, see purchasing tiles as an investment – not a cost!

In addition, tiles are now available in different sizes, colours, textures, materials and designs, giving you the chance to create a unique environment, tailored to your specific tastes.


Will Tiles Make the Floor Cold on My Feet?

Okay, tiles can feel cool on bare feet, but this may also depend on the surface underneath the tiles. For example, tiling onto wood (which can ‘breath’) will create a warmer feel than tiles that are placed on top of concrete

Which Colours Should I Choose?

Emphasis should be made on ‘personal choice’ for this answer. However, always consider the colour of your kitchen units and surroundings when choosing the colour/design for your tiles

Luxury Kitchen Tiling by Prades of Chippenham
Because kitchens are considered an area of ‘high traffic’, which are also home to heavy appliances such as washing machines and fridges, it is important that you choose a floor tile that is hardwearing and scratch resistant.

Luxury tiled splashback by Prades of Chippenham
Prades Ceramic and Stone tiling Chippenham Wiltshire

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